Crash Courses-Eng. Exam

J. G Sir

Course Description

Save Time with our Crash Course for IIT-JEE 2021 (NCERT Focused)

Scope of ImprovementDoubts in ConceptsRequire In-depth Preparation: If your preparation is at Inter-mediate level and you think there is a fine scope of improvement, grab this course for Success in IIT-JEE 2021.

It is a 180-hour crash course that will help the student achieve their goal. Preparation for these months is also going to play an important role in your final exam, for which you are going to sit. You have already completed the syllabus, the test series begin by giving chapter wise, In these months preparation tips will be the time to complete that preparation.

180 hrs “Comprehensive training” by highly experienced faculty. Shortcut methods to save time are also taught in addition to subject learning. Each student will be provided with home based assignments on all subjects in all subjects. 5-pattern tests on each entrance test are provided to students in addition to part tests. The question bank contains 1000 questions on each subject to the students.

There are some important tips that can be used to achieve your goal.

  • Plan your syllabus according to the given syllabus.
    • Graph your positive and negative topics.
    • NCERT Books must be followed.
    • Revision is your ultimate tool.
  • Plan a routine from today for revision, don’t try new topics now.
    • Previous years question paper should be your necessary tool.
    • Never panic and stay patient during preparation.
    • Healthy routine of sleep, eat and study should be maintained.
Class type   : Crash Course
Course For  : Engineering – IIT-JEE
Eligibility     : XII Passed/XII Appeared
Location      : All Centre

“A healthy routine of sleep, eating and study should be maintained, as it is the best part of success in career.”

This helps you to sync your time and efforts to achieve your desired Rank in JEE 2021.


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