Director Message

Dear Students &  Parents,

Welcome !

As we know that to be a successful person, We have to excel in every sphere of life and Education plays an Important role in it. We always believe that ‘’ Quality education is the most efficient tool to transform a nation into a superpower ”.  For Example- A Plant becomes a huge TreeIf its roots are Strong, so is it in the case of Education. A person needs a strong foundation for Higher Education. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced the Pre-Foundation Division (Vll to X). In this division, we assure you that we will get the best support for you to achieve your dreams.

My main Objective is to reduce the learning disabilities of slow learners and increase the learning ability of fast learners by Tricks & Techniques. I believe that , there is no substitute for Hard work, you may have heard but Hard work with Smart Work is the key to Success in the current World of Competition. Students generally find  themselves in an ocean of confusion and dilemma for preparing for any Entrance Exam. Usually students do not follow the Four Funda of any subject like – WHAT: What is this…?  WHY: Why are reading this…?  How: How is it read …?  &  SKILLS: What are the applications of this …?

Being the Managing Director of the Institute, I try to proper Guidance and Training Skills before they enter into their professional Career. I think, Student is like a Canvas, and which picture it will reflect depends on the skill and attitude of its mentor. Me & My Innovative and Dedicated faculty Team, Staff members work with commitment & Dexterity, with such effort, we ensure achieving the Pinnacle for Success.

I, on behalf of the Entire Anjit Team, Welcome you, Shape your Career with us and feel the Quality & Innovation that can transform you to become a World-Class Professional.

Wishing you a bright future. “Your inspiration is our dream and our goal is in your destination”

Best Regards !

Director Anjit Academy

Er. Jitendra Gupta Sir

The Future

In the mother’s womb, from newborn to adult, we will be able to provide a good education, so that she/he can grow up to be a good mother, be a good father, be a good human being, So that our society and the country are renewed.

We thank the Positivity and Goodness of the Universe for helping us Create a Bright future for Students in various Competitive Exams.


              Mr. Jitendra Gupta

A Very Simple yet rock Solid Person, Mr. Jitendra Gupta, a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from IIT GZB, Founder & Managing Director of Anjit Academy, Launched on 11th April, 2018, is the best faculty of Chemistry in India. His only passion for teaching was, so he left MNCs, with a vision to Provide an Ideal Launch pad for Serious, NEET/IIT-JEE  aspirants, so that Students could build their Future.

 His organized Teaching Methodology makes Students Interested in the Subject to Understand the Complexities of Chemistry. He possesses the Experience of Teaching in this field for more than 6 years. His revolutionary new Methodology for Chemistry learning attracts Students. His down to Earth approach, Quiet mannerism, Great command & Expertise over the Subject provides a better understanding of the subject to NEET/IIT-JEE aspirants.

His Exclusive Methodology and Guidance is a great help for those who aspire to achieve higher Goals in life and fly higher. Realizing the importance of this flight…They always keep “First Student First”  &  Work hard to meet the needs of our Students.

!!! Thanks a lot !!!