How to score 100/100 marks in Maths ?

Mathematics is subject which helps in developing a rational thinking and a logical approach in students. following are some tips to improve your score in maths and  help you achieve full marks in maths.

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects. It plays an integral role from competitive exams to for board exams . This subject needs a lot of practice.

During Exam Preparations:

  1. Smart Work : Maths is all about theorems, concepts and formulae, and it always wise to keep them handy. You can read and brush them up even when you are on the move and this practice also comes to rescue when you are having a last minute revision.
  2. Solve Problems Yourself: Whereas it is good to go through and understand different types of problems, it is very important to solve them yourself. Knowing theories and concept is necessary but to learn their application is inescapable if you want to score full marks in maths. You have to solve each by yourself, minimum 3-4 times over the course of time.
  3. Understand your Syllabus:Understanding your portions and the weightage attached to different sections helps you in deciding how much time to dedicate to each section. For example, if you know that there will be just a 5 marks question from a particular section, you do not have to dedicate a week practicing those sums.
  4. Practice & Practice :are a good way to mentally prepare yourself for what you are going to get in the exams. The more you solve these, more confidence you will gain towards your achievement of scoring the highest score. Also, it is important to understand that you need not wait for your syllabus to finish before you start solving these.
  5. Manage your Time: It is not easy to be a maths champion. You must take out some time every day to solve mathematical problems in order to score 100/100 marks in maths, even when you have dedicated a particular day to some other subject.

During Examination:

  1. Neat & Clean Paper with Proper Margin: You should keep in mind that the examiner needs to understand each and every step how you have arrived at an answer and unfortunately he does not have much time to dedicate on a single problem. Keep your paper free from cutting and overwriting, and draw clean margins to do the rough work.
  2. Figures & Graphs: Figures and graphs can fetch you easy marks if made with a little concentration. For this, keep a ruler which has sharp and smooth side and a pencil which is well sharpened. These, if you have practised well, constitute the simplest parts of the exam and you can aim to finish this as soon as you get your paper.
  3. Simple Questions first: Read the question paper thoroughly before you start solving the questions. While it is natural to be stuck on the questions which you find unfamiliar but you must remember that you have to finish your examination in a stipulated time. In order to achieve 100/100 marks in maths, you much strategize to first finish the questions you know and then move on to the unfamiliar questions.

To achieve 100/100 marks in maths, Understand the basic concept first and then try solving as many problems as possible. Remember that there are no shortcuts in maths!

All The Best !

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