Tips to Consider while Attempting JEE-Main Exam

I am sharing how I learnt from my mistakes and what I did in my IIT-JEE preparation. I’ll keep the answer concise, Do read this full and I am sure this will help you boost your JEE-Mains score.

Guideline for a winning strategy:

  1. Read all the Questions in the Paper: It does not mean that you have to read the entire paper (90 Q’s) in the first 15 minutes but your approach should be such that you reach till the last question of the paper in the allotted 180 minutes duration.
  2. Attempt Easy Questions First: You should attempt easy questions first so that no time is wasted on pondering over the ones that you are doubtful of. After attempting all the easy ones, you can come back to the tougher ones in the end. It is likely that your brain will be hit with some Idea of those questions by then.
  3. Keep in your Mind is the Time Limit: The first and foremost point you have to keep in your mind is the time limit. Everyone can solve all the questions given sufficient time, but the challenge comes when you have to do so in the given 3 hours. The exam is for three hours, but don’t let it fool you into thinking that each subject is 1 hour. The question paper is always set in such a way that chemistry paper can be completed in 35 – 40 mins. This because you will need this extra time in Maths and Physics.
  4. Relieve stress during Exam: Do not be tensed during the exam for any reason. If you do not know a question, leave it and try it after some time. The chances are high that you will have a better chance at solving it after some time.
  5. Use Elimination Process: When you see MCQs, you don’t have to panic.  The hack elimination process here and using your brain is what you know is definitely not the right answer. This is sure to get you to the right answer.
  6. Maximize Attempts: Not by guess work but by adhering to the above points.

To achieve the above, each student may have to hit upon a different idea/plan/approach for attempting the exam.

Finally I would say, stay happy ! Don’t attach too much aggressive to  exam. Whatever is the best for you, will happen ! Wishing you all the very best !                            

All the best for your JEE-Mains !

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