How to Crack KVPY Exam ?

Hello everyone,

Here I am going to share my experience of clearing KVPY SA exam. Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY ) is a prestigious scholarship program to scout and nurture young talent. It is conducted by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

I am here to provide you with the tips and tricks for clearing the KVPY SA 2021 Exam (Round I) and at the same time will give you suggestions that helped me personally in my preparation.

KVPY Preparation Tips:

  1. Align your JEE/NEET Preparation with KVPY:

If you are a JEE or NEET aspirant, the good news is that KVPY syllabus is the same. You can simultaneously prepare for your college entrance as well as KVPY exams. Hence, focus on fundamentals and core concepts; you will need to apply them in questions. In fact, preparing for KVPY will speed up your preparation for competitive exams too.

  1. Schedule your Preparation Subject-wise:

Strong problem-solving skills and concept clarity are needed to crack KVPY. It is imperative that you concentrate on each subject and prepare a time table around it.

  • Physics:This section is usually tough in KVPY. Lots of questions are asked from Optics and Resistor Series. Even in SA which is KVPY for class 11, few questions are asked from class 12 syllabus such as Lens Maker’s Formula and Kirchhoff’s rules. If physics is your strong point, you will have an advantage over others.
  • Chemistry:It is easier when compared to physics. Revise simple reactions from standard 10. Most of the questions are reaction or property-based, very few questions will be asked from numerical. You’re expected to have a thorough knowledge of chemical bonding, organic and physical chemistry. NCERT is not sufficient for the physical part.
  • Mathematics:KVPY math is of moderate to tough difficulty level. You must prepare very well for it. Substitution and trial and error also works for this subject but might take up a lot of your time.
  • Biology: Bio is considered the easiest section in KVPY. You must know the basic biology of class 9 and 10 for SA. Moreover, it is very scoring and students can easily qualify this section.
  1. Solve KVPY Previous Year Papers:

To get a fare idea of the kind of questions you can expect in your exam, it is always advisable to solve lots of KVPY previous year papers. They give you an insight into the actual KVPY exam and help you analyse its difficulty level. Time yourself sincerely and start solving at least one paper a week.

  1. Refer the NCERT Book for KVPY:

NCERT for physics, chemistry and math/biology is a must for cracking the KVPY exam. Other than that, you can use the following reference books:

  • Physics: HC Verma or DC Pandey
  • Chemistry: Primarily NCERT
  • Mathematics: RD Sharma
  1. Maintain a Notebook for Important Formula:

Make notes during preparation phase. Maintain a notebook for all the important formulas, theorems, proofs and equations while studying. Keep revising from it every day. This will be particularly helpful during revision.

KVPY exam is at par with the IIT Entrance when it comes to the difficulty level. But there is no need to press the panic button now. You can clear the KVPY exam successfully if you prepare smartly.

Last Moment KVPY Preparation Tips:

  • Students, who are already preparing for exams like JEE Main or NEET will not need to worry much about studying extra for the KVPY exam. Since there is no prescribed KVPY syllabus, you can just stick to the JEE Main or NEET for the exam and you will find that you are able to solve most of the KVPY questions quite easily.
  • Those who need assistance should go for one-on-one intensive doubt clearing sessions at this stage – online or offline.
  • To win the scholarship, it is wise to be vigilant and find ways to be better than your peers. Solve as many KVPY past year papers and sample papers as you can, and analyze your performance by comparing it with the given solutions.