Easy to Say : “ Life is not Life without Chemistry


Chemistry is an essential part of science which plays an important and important role in IIT-JEE or other competitive examinations. If understood in simple ways, it is a combination of organic and inorganic materials and is also a mixture of many primary forms of matter. Like physics, it has been considered an important subject of engineering or medical examination. In simple terms, without words related to equations, it is unable to get a deeper concept in the subject of chemistry. In this topic, we need to study about many equations, chemical reactions, biomolecules, chemical structures or other interesting topics which are mentioned in various chemistry textbooks.

As a medical or engineering candidates, it is very difficult to crack IIT-JEE / NEET or other tough competitive exams, if you have good knowledge of Physics or Mathematics and do not have expertise in Chemistry.  In simple words, subjects like chemistry play more and more prominent roles in IIT and all state engineering as well as medical entrance examinations.

“My aim is to have an open mind, Smart & Hard work in the Classroom each day, with a positive attitude and high Expectations, ultimately a great wealth of such qualities and enthusiasm in all children.”

Our Teaching Methodology

” I am a Positive person who has an Enthusiastic Outlook on life, a great Obsession with Chemistry, and I take Pride in seeing my Students emerge as Individuals. My Teaching Methodology is simple & easy to understand, it basically focuses on basic Knowledge & concept that combines every Word/Topic which is based on 4 core Principles- What, Why, How & skills, so that Students can easily Understand this Mysterious Subject Chemistry.”


Er. Jitendra Gupta Sir is an academician who is the reason behind full filling the dreams of thousands of students by getting into IITs, NITs, NEET, AIIMS &  other national level Institutes. He has Completed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. Driven by the passion of teaching Chemistry he left the job in multinational firm and from last 6 years he has been teaching Chemistry  and nurturing students.

Our Goal

So, being as an Engineering / Medical / Foundation aspirant, if you are deciding to learn Chemistry  Subject in basic to final level & Crack JEE / NEET or All State Engineering Exams / All Medical Exams in Shortest Times, then Please connect with Anjit Academy . This is a Best Coaching Institute which is located in Raipur and join our Foundation Courses / Crash Courses / 12th batch / Regular Courses. 

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