Important Chapters & Topics of Maths for CBSE Class 12th Board Exam 2021

Those students who have studied for the whole year and have completed their syllabus are aiming to score the highest possible marks. Similarly, those who have not completed their whole syllabus are finding ways to achieve a respectable score whereas those who did not pay attention during the whole session are in a quest to gain at least passing marks.

Hence we are putting up the important chapters of mathematics for CBSE class 12th board examination prepared by the subject experts of Anjit Academy; to aid the preparation of all types of students.

  • To help a below-average student pass the class 12th math board examination.
  • For targeting respectable marks in math, in case of an average student.
  • T o help get maximum marks in math as desired by the well-prepared student.

According to the subject experts of Anjit Academy, there are few chapters and topics of mathematics which can help you pass your class 12th math board paper. We are mentioning below these Important Chapters and topics of Maths for CBSE Class 12th Board Exam-

  • Under the important chapters of Maths for CBSE Class 12th board exam “Relations and Functions, you should cover all the important topics as mentioned in the table of this article. This carries a total weightage of 8 marks.
  • “Algebra (Matrices and Determinant)” is another important chapter for CBSE Class 12th Maths board paper. It can easily be covered in less time, and according to the CBSE blueprint, it will carry a total of 10 marks in the maths paper.
  • In “Calculus” some portions are easy as compared to rest of it. Also, since it bears a total weightage of 35 marks, you should certainly not miss the whole chapter.

Following are the important subtopics of this chapter along with their expected marking weightage-

  • Check Continuity and Differentiability of any functions – questions of 2 to 4 marks can be asked from it.
  • Logarithmic Differentiation – questions of 4 marks can be asked from it.
  • Substitution method (In Inverse) – questions of 2 to 4 marks can be asked from it.
  • Higher-order Derivative – questions of 4 marks can be asked from it.
  • Rate of Increase or Decrease of water, sand etc. – questions of 4 marks can be asked from it.
  • Increasing and Decreasing Function – questions of 4 marks can be asked from it.
  • Maxima Minima Word Problem – questions of 6 marks can be asked from it.
  • Equation of Tangent and Normal – questions of 2 marks can be asked from it.
  • The angle between two vectors- you can expect questions of 2 marks from this topic.
  • Area of triangle and Parallelogram – questions of 2 marks are generally framed from this topic.

Just cover these five chapters and the indicated crucial topics of CBSE class 12th Maths, to easily secure the passing marks.

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A student, who has covered all the chapters of his class 12th Maths syllabus, should master the following important topics to get maximum marks in mathematics board paper.

Chapters Total Marks weightage of the chapter Important Topics Expected marks
Relations and Functions 08 Equivalence relation 6 marks
Properties of functions (Commutative, Associative, Identity, Invertibility ) 6 marks
Inverse of function, 1 marks
Composition of function 1 marks
Principal Value 1 marks
Simplify by using Formula of Inverse 2/4 marks
Algebra (Matrices & Determinant) 10 Finding values of variable by equality of matrices 1 marks
Symmetric and Skew Symmetric matrix 2 marks
Elementary Row transformation 6 marks
Solution of Simultaneous Linear Equation and Inverse of Matrix by Cofactors 6 marks
Consistency and Inconsistency 4 marks
Calculus (Continuity and Differentiability Application of derivatives, Integrals) 35 Check Continuity and Differentiability of any functions. 2/4 marks
   Logarithmic differentiation 4 marks
Substitution method (In Inverse) 2/4 marks
  Higher order Derivative 4 marks
Rate of Increase/Decrease of water 4 marks
Increasing and Decreasing Function 4 marks
   Maxima Minima Word Problem 6 marks
   Equation of Tangent and Normal 2 marks
Solving by by Part Rule and Partial Fraction in Integration 6 marks
   Applications of Some standard Formulas and forms 6 marks
Questions based on properties 4 marks
Limit of Sum 6 marks
Area of Triangles by Integration 6 marks
  General Curve as Parabola, ellipse, sphere etc 4 marks
  Linear Differential Equation 4 marks
   Homogeneous equation 6 marks
   Order and Degree of Differential Equation 1 marks
Vectors &  3-Dimensional geometry 14 Lagrange Identity 2 marks
   Coplanar vectors 4 marks
Angle between two vectors 2 marks
  Area of triangle and Parallelogram 2 marks
   Different Condition based vector solution 4/6 marks
   Vector and Cartesian equation of line and Plane 4 marks
   Equation of Plane which contain line of Intersection of planes 4 marks
  Shortest Distance in vector as well as Cartesian plane 6 marks
Equation of Plane and line passing through point and perpendicular to two planes 4 marks

Linear Programming

05 Construction of LPP to Maximize/Minimize 4 marks
Graphical Method 4 marks
Diet problem/ Manufacturing problems. 6 marks
Probability 08 Conditional Probability 4 marks
Baye’s Theorem 6 marks
Finding mean and Variance 4 marks
Random variable (Probability Binomial Distribution 6 marks
  Binomial Distribution 6 marks