How to Boost Your Preparation for NEET Biology

Exam Pattern

 NEET – UG will have a total of 180 multiple choice questions with four choices & a single correct answer and will be of 720 marks. In Biology section, 90 questions will be asked from class XI & XII NCERT syllabus. For each correct answer, a candidate will get four marks & for each wrong answer, one mark will be deducted from the total marks.

Time management

You have a total of 180 minutes to answer 180 questions for the entire paper, but not necessarily only 1 minute per question because each question has a different difficulty level.

Anjit Academy has always made a point to tell you whether you are answering every question within the ideal time or time, how much wasted effort you put in, whether due to lack of knowledge or carelessness and your weak concepts To help you identify them so that you can practice them to improve your score.

Biology is considered a high scoring subject by medical aspirants. As per NEET analysis, most of the questions based on NCERT syllabus are of difficulty level. To understand this section, intensive practice of diagram based questions is necessary, along with a strong conceptual understanding.

When you are focusing on biology, 300+ should be your objective. Is it really possible to score above 300 out of 360, this is the main question? Having closely monitored the examination pattern and the attitude of the students towards the subject in previous years, we can say with confidence that this can be done. But what important things do you need if you want to get that number?

  1. Read & re-Read NCERT: Revise your NCERT textbooks at least 3-4 times before the exam. Pay attention to each line in the NCERT textbook. Solve all NCERT questions as well as examples. Create your own flowchart and will for quick and accurate memorization during the exam.
  2. Focus on Diagrams & Revise: Education is not enough. You need to revise and keep practicing. Make it a point to practice NEET questions to improve your understanding of concepts.
  1. Focus on Topics with High Weightage: You should focus on preparing for high weightage topic as this can help you to get more marks. Additionally, it will help save time for revision and strengthen your preparation for the most important chapters.
  2. Take Mock & Test Series: After brushing up thoroughly on the entire course of biology, you should try the NEET Test & mock test, which you can adopt at various stages during your preparation, as it will help you to evaluate your preparation level and improve your score.
  3. Solve Previous Year Question Papers: Solve NEET previous year papers to get a clear understanding and to ease yourself into the exam pattern. Focus on the frequently asked questions, topics and chapters. This is one of the best and most effective ways to prepare for an exam.

Many questions in the Biology section are based on diagrams. Practice all the diagrams from NCERT textbooks and learn to label them well. In-depth knowledge and proper practice of diagram based questions is definitely going to strengthen your preparation for NEET biology.

And last but not the least, Be positive and don’t lose faith in yourself; Every little bit of time is precious. If they need your help, contact with Us.

And last but not the least, Be positive and don't lose faith in yourself; Every little bit of time is precious. If they need your help, contact with Us.

More Information

I hope these few simple tips help you in the long run ! Motivation is something that will be there occasionally but not always. It’s up to you and you alone to push yourself into the books. After all, studying is to help you and nobody else.

!!! ... Good luck ... !!!!

Anjit Academy has created an environment to grow and nurture in the right roots; So that study and preparation can be done well. Hope you make the right preparation in the right direction and follow it.