Tips To Solve Numerical In Physics & Chemistry For NEET 2021

NEET or National eligibility cum Entrance Test is an annually conducted medical entrance exam enabling medicine enthusiasts to take up undergraduate medical courses. since 2016 has replaced AIPMT and in recent times has also replaced the multiple state level entrance exams and has emerged as a national, single level entrance test.

One of the great joys of studying chemistry is learning to be a good problem solver. The ability to solve complicated problems is a skill which helps greatly throughout life. This strategy won’t mean much until you see it in action! Learning chemistry requires both the compliance of many new concepts and the development of analytical skills. The basic steps in solving problems are:

1)ReadExamine Questions:  Read the question carefully and wisely. Determine what is known and what is to be solved for and write them down. Look for key terms as it is important to label all factors and measurements with the proper units.

2)Plan- Rearrange the given data: Determine which principles are involved and which unit relationships are needed to solve the problem. Pen down the equations or concepts you think you might require for solving the problem.

3)Setup – Figuring out the procedure and executing: Set up the problem in a neat, organized and logical fashion, making sure all unwanted units cancel. Use the examples as guides for setting up the problem.

4)Calculate: Proceed with the necessary mathematical operations. Ensure the answer contains the proper number of significant figures. Write down your working and the answer.

5)Check – Match your answers with options: Check the answer if all the parts of the question are answered to see if it is reasonable. If your approach is right, you will arrive at the answer.

That is how easy solving numerical in NEET exam is Just follow this 5-step guide and you are ready to face any numerical. These are basics and it remains the same regardless of the subject or complexity.

If you follow the above problem solving tips, then you will score good marks in NEET Chemistry & Physics.

If you follow the above problem solving  tips, then you will score good marks in NEET Chemistry & Physics.

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