Teaching Methodology


We have dedicated & Experienced Faculty for every Subject related to NITs, reputed Universities & Industry.

At Anjit Academy, Classes for IIT-JEE & NEET Candidates are being offered by Professional Experts in the Industry. The Curriculum is defined in a way that takes into account the Theoretical aspects, including the origin of original ideas, as well as Knowledge of Concept Processes.

  1. Classroom Teaching – The Basic: Whatever the Pattern, whatever the Exam, whatever Exam you are giving, Competitive Exams depend on the analytical ability, Understanding & trying of the Fundamentals of the Candidates. Students with strong fundamentals with perseverance Practice always Perform better.
  2. Study Material & Worksheet – Refresh Mind :Scientifically designed, sufficiently clear & Precise Theory Notes, followed by a sufficient number of illustrations & Questions that capture all tastes and difficulty levels constitute our Study Material.
  3. Regular Basis Test – Progress Inventive: At Anjit, Four different Types of test are Conducted. All of these Test are conducted at CBSE Board & Competitive level. Class Test , Unit Test , Model Test for Board Student  & All India Anjit Test for NEET & IIT-JEE Students. 
  4. Doubt Session & Back-up Classes – Concept Clarity:If some part of the Subject is not clear to a Student, he/she can seek additional Guidance from the Concerned Subject Teachers in doubt Clearing sessions to compensate & understand the Missing Topics. Extra-classes for average students or for those, who miss the regular classes on genuine grounds with a prior approval, are arranged.
  5. Regular Motivational Session – Be at your Best: Anjit’s Vision, winning any difficult task in making life better, starting with self Confidence, believing in one’s own abilities & working hard. Once you start believing, half the work is already done. To get the best possible results, it is necessary to remain active.
  6. Propensity- Reality Check: An in-depth analysis of test performance helps us to quickly tell students about their weak areas, such as strength, weakness, opportunity and threat analysis.
  7. Motivational Lecture – Rise of Personality: Our respected Directors of the Institute personally take Motivational classes to motivate students and boost their Morale for better results with Emphasis on character building. With the aim of highlighting the Potential of the individual, our learning program is not only preparing them to face the challenges of JEE & NEET, but also keeps developing them to recognize their inner Strength & Potential.

Needless to say that striving to Nurture & Advance the Quality of Education is our constant feature, there will always be undoubtedly better change.

Needless to say that striving to Nurture & Advance the Quality of Education is our constant feature, there will always be undoubtedly better change.

Educational Activities

” In this way, we Aim to act with the Intention of Holistic development through state-of-the-art Academics & at the same Time Guide the Quality of Students from VII to XII in all the ups & downs.”

Educational Phase of Teaching