Why Should Students or Parents Consider Choosing Anjit Academy for IIT-JEE/ Medical & Foundations ?

In Anjit Academy, students prepare for competitive examinations in a much-relaxed manner and are rarely under pressure. All the syllabus is covered at the time, and students can prepare better here. Anjit’s faculty has been preparing students for the JEE &  NEET exams for decades.

  1. Integrated Teaching Methodology : Anjit focuses not only on the entrance exam but also on the board exam and makes every effort to clarify the concepts to the student. Each and every lecture here is planned to ensure that the delivered content is finished in a standard, complete and scheduled time.
  2. Well Qualified & Experienced Faculty: Anjit’s infrastructure is built firmly on a highly professional faculty team, which includes an ideal mix of academics and subject matter experts. Faculty members’ remarkable qualifications and vast experience help make complex problems easier for students.
  3. Doubt Clearance & Back-Up Classes: If some part of the subject is not clear to a student, he/she can seek additional guidance from the teachers of the subject concerned in doubt clearing sessions to compensate and understand the missing topics. Additional classes for average students or for those who miss regular classes on an actual basis with prior approval.
  4. AIATS & Mock Test: We conduct periodically All India Anjit Test Series, Annual Syllabus Tests and Mock Tests, in addition to the NTSE / Olympiad tests conducted based on the schedule of the Examinations. In addition to subjective tests conducted on a periodic basis depending on the school Examination pattern.
  5. Comprehensive Study Material: Anjit provides students with a step wise learning tool in every subject to ensure the transition of students from concept learning to application and analytical learning. And Study material and test papers are prepared based on the latest pattern of examination .
  6. Tests & Assignments: In Anjit, students from 9th-12th grade have delivered both quantitatively & qualitatively the school curriculum as well as the study material and teaching approaches. Our work strives to improve concepts, reduce errors, increase concentration, increase exam scores and ensure selection in entrance exams.
  7. Disciplined & Good Learning Environment: Anjit follows a good work ethic and creates a positive environment where every student can learn and grow.
  8. Competitive Atmosphere with Personal Care: The competitive environment and focused education in Anjit proves to be the Ram Baan for the students.
  9. Motivational Sessions: Anjit Academy conducts motivational sessions and makes sure that each student gets motivated to face competitive Exams confidently. The best teachers are the ones that change their minds.”
  10. Parent Teacher Meetings: Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) in Anjit, an integral part of our education delivery and feedback system. We often invite parents to meet the respective teachers of their wards in order to understand their performance closely.
  11. Monitoring & Reviewing: Comprehensive performance and progress reports help you to prepare better for the board and competitive exams.
  1. Workshops : Workshops are conducted for NTSE, KVPY, JSTS, National and International Olympiads.
  2. And many More:
  • Daily Attendance Monitoring .
  • Small batch size (~25).
  • Fixed Time table.
  • Test results via text message to parents.
  • Security & CCTV monitoring.

“ We believe in educating for transmission of civilization.”

Anjit believes in maintaining both Hard work & Quality along with Smart.

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All the best ! Go & Study Hard !