The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) Books are the best study material for the students studying in class 7 – 12th. The experts have designed these Books after doing in-depth research and analysis of a particular subject and understanding the intellectual level of the students. Thus, NCERT textbooks are written in simple language and includes the basics fundamentals on all topics. NCERT textbooks work as a backbone for elementary, secondary and senior secondary school education. Moreover, these NCERT textbooks will also help the students to crack the various competitive exams after schooling and graduations such as IIT JEE, NEET, UPSC etc.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous body which aims to provide qualitative education to the school children in India. Its primary work is to prepare and publish model textbooks, supplementary material, educational kits, etc. NCERT textbooks are the core of the schooling system. The CBSE board is following NCERT Books in the school curriculum for Class 7 -12th.

Table of Content for Free NCERT Books in  PDF format:

NCERT textbooks help in their studies and make them prepare effectively for the exams we are here providing the Free NCERT textbooks in PDF format online for all the classes from 7th – 12th.

Students can click on the link below to browse the NCERT textbooks for their respective classes and subjects. 

  1. NCERT Books for Class 12: The class 12th board exams question papers are set by referring to the NCERT textbooks. Most of the questions which are available in the exercise problems are asked directly in the same format in exams. Only a few questions are twisted to check the analytical skills of students. Therefore, students must thoroughly go through each chapter to get a good command in subjects.
  2. NCERT Books for Class 11: Class 11 NCERT books serve as a basic foundation for the students. The topics studied in 11th standard are further continued in class 12 and provide depth knowledge to the students.
  3. NCERT Books for Class 10 : class 10 students have to study all the subjects. For many government exams, the syllabus till class 10th is asked. So, students should study NCERT textbook not just for the sake of passing the board exam but to gain knowledge from it.
  4. NCERT Books for Class 9 : Students must understand the concepts while studying class 9 NCERT textbooks. After then only they could able to connect the theoretical part taught in the classroom to the day to day activities.
  5. NCERT Books for Class 8 : Class 8 students have good grasping power and learning skills. In this stage, they are like a mud pot which haven’t taken its shape. So, they have enough time to explore their area of interest and shape a career accordingly in that field.
  6. NCERT Books for Class 7 : Class 7 students should learn from their NCERT textbooks as the lessons mentioned in the textbooks will be required for better understanding of concepts in higher classes. NCERT books for Class 7 are designed in a way that students can easily understand the important concepts and immerse themselves in learning.

The NCERT Books for all Class covers all these fundamental topics not only to help the students score good marks but also to grow themselves better...

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The NCERT Books for all Class covers all these fundamental topics not only to help the students score good marks but also to grow themselves better…