Anjit Advantages

Our unique methodology prepares students for board exams as well as competitive exams. Our different aspect has always been the quality that we impart to our students. We guide the students, staff and members of faculty groups by following strict discipline so as to create a good environment for the coaching institute.

Strong reasons for Joining Us, which are different from other Institutions in the Same Field.

The Value System: Our Value System is True, Transparent &  Revolves around Everything we say.

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”

The Best Quality: We never Compromise on Quality. We focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge and concepts in students for their success and provide an excellent platform for the preparation of competitive exams and board level education, With the philosophy

Quality education is the most efficient tool to transform a nation into a superpower ”.

1. Highly Qualified & Experience Faculty : Our Faculty work Smart &  Result Oriented so that you do not miss achieving the highest benchmark in School, admission & other Competitive Exams.

We have recruited Teachers from top Universities / Institutes like NITs  & other reputed Engineering Colleges & Universities. Our Team of professors has developed an insight into the Nature and trend of the Exam. Thus we are Confident that we are on a strong footing in helping Students prepare for the Exam.

  • Knowledge: We prepare students with subject knowledge as well as the skill to apply it in competitive examinations. To be successful, these components are equally critical and essential.
  • Selection Process: We conduct campus recruitment for teachers. Each and every candidate for teaching is selected through a rigorous process, where we first take a written test, followed by demonstration lecture with experts and then final personal interview with the Director.
  • Competitive Environment: We employ ‘Integrated Teaching Methodologies’ in order to prepare the students for competitive as well as School / Board Exams simultaneously.

      2. Result Oriented Work: A very well Known, Experienced and Committed Team of Faculty. Anjit Academy Strongly believes in providing better Services in the field of Preparation of Entrance Examination.

       3. Comprehensive Study Materials: The Study Material which has been Prepared by our Well Versed Faculties after Extensive research is comprehensive yet simple to Understand. The specially tailored curriculum takes care of Board Examinations Simultaneously. Scientifically designed, Clear and Precise Study Material.

      4. Competitive environment with personal Attention: Individual attention and Special Teachers for School Examinations doubts. We believe that Board and Competitive Aspirants should be devoted and dedicated towards the attainment of their goals, to perform better and better.

      5. Enhance Teaching Method : Our integrated learning approach not only makes you shine in your school / board exams, but also ensures that you are listed as a high achievement in competitive exams like JEE, NEET, Olympiad, NTSE, KVPY etc. Our Subject  Expert Explain the Basic in a Simple Manner by using Unique approach of Teaching Methodology & Superior Supervision with Covering the School  Syllabus(CBSE & Other Boards). Here each and every student is nurtured and is prepared for their upcoming exams with unique methods.

      6. Regular Tests & Assignments: Our Assignments  are known for Improving concepts, Reducing errors, Increasing Concentration, Increasing exam Scores & Ensuring selection in Entrance Exams.

      • Weekly / Chapter-wise / Complete length / E-Test series.
      • Thorough discussion on each test in successive lecture.
      • Prime focus on concept building.
      • Lots of home assignments for practice.
      • Formula booklet for quick revision.

      7. Individual Doubt Clearance Sessions: If some part of the Subject is not clear to a Student, he/she can seek additional Guidance from the Concerned subject Teachers in doubt-solving sessions to Compensate &  understand the Missing Topics.

      8. Back-Up Classes & Workshops: Additional Classes for average Students or for those who miss Regular Classes on an actual basis with prior approval. Workshops are Organized for NTSE, KVPY, National and International Olympiads.

      9. Motivational Sessions: Anjit Academy conducts Motivational Classes from time to time to inspire Students to make them a Winner. Our Honourable Director, Mr. Jitendra Gupta Sir himself conducts such Sessions and makes sure that each Student gets Motivated to face Competitive Exams Confidently.

      10. Monthly Parents-Teacher Meeting: Regular Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) in Anjit, an Integral part of our Education delivery & Feedback system. We often invite Parents to meet the respective Teachers of their wards in order to understand their Performance Closely. Another important benefit is that Parents can meet Teachers directly & learn about their Child’s vulnerable areas.

      11. Disciplined and Focused Learning Environment: Anjit follows a Good work Ethic and maintains a Positive Environment, where a person can learn and Grow. Anjit has Inspired and Guided thousands of aspirants, who are serving the country as eminent Doctors & Engineers.

      For Success Mantra :

      The Future

      In the mother’s womb, from newborn to adult, we will be able to provide a good education, so that she/he can grow up to be a good mother, be a good father, be a good human being, So that our society and the country are renewed. We thank the Positivity and Goodness of the Universe for helping us Create a Bright future for Students in various Competitive Exams.

        Other Services: 
        • Test results via text message to parents
        • Fixed Timetable.
        • Small batch size (~25)
        • Separate dedicated time for tutorial sessions.
        • Equal Emphasis on CBSE Board Examinations.
        • Daily Attendance Monitoring
        • More effective Scholarships/discounts
        • Scholarships up to 100%
        • Separate tests for board, JEE and Medical exams.
        • Comfortable Speed of Syllabus Coverage with enough buffers.
        • CCTV Monitoring.

        Parents can enroll their wards for any number of subjects. For any further query, ask our experts at 7000879945 or send us your details, our experts will get in touch with you soon.


        For more details about CBSE/ ICSE & CG-Board  Regular/Online Coaching Classes, Please drop a message or speak to our counselling expert on 7000879945