Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT
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  1. What is NCERT full Form?

The full form of NCERT is The National Council of Educational Research & Training. It is an autonomous organization of the Government of India which was established on 1 Sep. 1961 as a literary, scientific & charitable Society under the Societies Registration Act. The books published by the NCERT is referred by the schools under CBSE as well as some other state boards of India.

  1. Where to download NCERT Books?

The e-book of NCERT can be downloaded by the students from the official website of the NCERT as well as from the website Anjit Academy.

  1. Where to buy NCERT Books?

The NCERT books can be bought from the nearest bookstore. The e-book of the NCERT is provided on the official website of NCERT as well as from the Anjit Academy.

  1. Are NCERT Books Enough for NEET ?

NCERT books, undoubtedly, is the best reference book available for the NEET/AIIMS* preparation. But, when asked if NCERT books are all that we need for the preparation, the answer is NO. We can say that NCERT textbooks are essential, but not sufficient, for the NEET preparation. Though 70-80 % of the questions appearing in the NEET exams are directly from the NCERT textbooks, these books lack the types of questions, MCQs, that are asked in the exam. The books of NCERT do not have enough problems with the AIIMS*difficulty level, hence, students should make sure that they refer to books containing Multiple Choice Questions of higher difficulty level.

  1. Are NCERT Books Enough for Class 12?

The Class 12 question paper revolves around the concepts explained in the NCERT textbook. Hence, we can say that NCERT books are enough for the Class 12 exam preparation. But, if scoring high marks is the aim, then practice is the key. Hence, once done solving the questions given in the NCERT textbook, one should make sure that he/she practices different types of questions from other reference books.

  1. Are NCERT & CBSE the Same?

CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education is a board which is the governing body while NCERT or National Council of Educational Research and Training is the counsel. NCERT is also known as the publishing body or publisher. CBSE schools in India use textbooks published by the NCERT to teach the students.

  1. Are NCERT Books going to Change?

The HRD minister said that the overall curriculum will be cut down by 50%. As the first step of this reduction, from the beginning of the academic year 2019-2020, the content of the NCERT curriculum will be cut down by 10-15%, he had added. Hence, the NCERT textbooks are supposed to change according to the press release by Prakash Javadekar, the Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister of India.

8. Can we Download NCERT Books?

Yes, we can download NCERT books on the internet. The CBSE provides the NCERT books online at the official website of NCERT in eBook format. You can either download the complete book in zip format or chapter wise in pdf format from the

  1. What is NCERT Exemplar?

NCERT Exemplars are basically practice-books that contain additional questions of a higher level, apart from NCERT textbooks, and are meant for providing comprehensive and thorough learning. The NCERT exemplar books accommodate numerous conceptual sums, which cover not only CBSE board exams but also the competitive exams like NEET/JEE (Mains + advanced.)

  1. How to read effectively from NCERTs?

We know that NCERT forms the basis of preparation for your dream job and the most prestigious career. You can start with whatever suits you the best. You can either start with subject wise preparation by taking one subject at a time or you can start preparing for all subjects together. The best way of studying with NCERTs is:

  • Underline what you feel is important in your first reading. If you are studying online, you can use a marker option.
  • When you are in your second reading, make sure that you learn and memorize the underlined things.
  • Now moving on towards your final reading, make notes of your underlined things. Now forget the books and totally focus on your notes.
  • Revise your notes every fortnightly. After 4-5 iterations you will automatically reach the desired level of competency.
  • Always remember that finishing a book does not declare the things done until and unless you remember everything and are able to recall them in your mains and prelims.
  • Study your NCERTs in such a way that the entire syllabus can be revised in 7 to 8 hours. Your hard work is the ultimate key towards your success.