Save Time with our Crash Course for NEET/JEE 2021 (NCERT Focused)

Scope of ImprovementDoubts in ConceptsRequire In-depth Preparation: If your preparation is at Inter-mediate level and you think there is a fine scope of improvement, grab this course for Success in NEET/JEE 2021.

About Course : It is 45 days intensive online/Offline course directly delivered to you at the convenience of your home.
The salient features of the course are-

  • Complete syllabus coverage in effective manner
  • Technical Guidance to score more & motivational seminars
  • Recorded lectures will be available to students even after the class in case student miss the live class Or wish to revise the chapter again.
  • Class Starts :15 March, 2021
  • NEET Online/Offline Crash course Orientation class will held at 5 PM on 15 Mar 2021 & the regular class will start from 17 Mar 2020. Time Table & Syllabus will be declared in Anjit Academy.

Additional Benefits:

You are short of time. Use your time wisely.

  • In our Crash Course for NEET 2020, you get step-by-step solutions on a click for every question, saving your precious time.
  • Stop wasting time in hunting for good quality questions. Our team of experts have carefully selected questions covering your entire syllabus, saving your valuable time.
  • Stop wasting time in revising entire chapters for a few concepts which you may not recollect. With our exclusive technology, get definition, key formula & detailed study notes on a click, saving your time.
  • You can quickly revise all difficult concepts with our pull-based methodology (by carrying mouse over any concept). This ensures that you revise and refresh all difficult concept quickly and achieve perfection.
  • You can assess your existing knowledge and expertise in any chapter. 
  • With our specially developed, chapter tests, minor tests and full-syllabus mock tests, you can re-assess you level of preparations for your NEET/JEE 2020 examination confidently.

Crash Course for Class 12th/12th Pass