JEE Advanced : Tips to Deliver Optimum & Score Maximum!

Here are a few tips on How to Prepare for JEE Advanced  without losing the track:

  1. Focus on Formula, Theorems & Concepts:By this time, your preparation for JEE Advanced should be nearing completion. With many formulas, theorems and concepts, you are likely to be confused and to avoid the same, it is advisable to pen them down and modify them as necessary. This will help you remember better. You can follow other ways of remembering, such as co-relating them with names or patterns that are easy to remember.
  2. Concentrate on Topics that You have Studied:It is likely to encounter topics that you haven’t been studied yet. Do not take up anything new. It’s time to concentrate on topics that you have already covered and try to make your concepts and concept-connections stronger.
  3. Do not Doubt your Preparation: This is that important stage of preparation when you cannot allow even a single doubt to come. However, if you come to either side, just keep calm and try to navigate the water around it. Take the support of your parents, teachers and mentors when needed. If you are surrounded by any doubt, make sure you clean it on time.
  4. Quality time for Revision:Whatever study you have done so far, allow enough time to revise it. Having enough time at hand will allow you to revise the concepts well. Shallow modification will not help you much. Once again, Committee to Memory, it is time to revise the study you have done.

Believe in Yourself and you are Certain to Succeed !

Wishing you All the Very best for Your Exam !!

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