Smart Preparation Strategy for NEET Chemistry

The world of chemistry is a mysterious world, because in chemistry, especially the inorganic chemistry  is completely phenomenal and the response of the organic is to Masha  Allah as,  it increases the negative and confusing reactions in the student’s brain. How can i miss it? What is its shortcut? can’t understand. Despite all this, chemistry is easy.

The first thing to keep in mind for NEET exam is that the paper is simple. No questions are nature considerations nor are they designed to select the one with the highest IQ score. For chemistry, it is most important to first go through the previous year’s question paper and pay attention to the pattern of the questions. They are mostly designed with a simple twist, but the allotted time (180 questions in 180 minutes) is given different times.

Out of 180 questions in the NEET question paper, 45 will be on Chemistry. Candidates with a decent hold on the subject can easily score 100 to 120 marks in NEET. The foremost thing that one should keep in mind here is that NEET Chemistry section has a weightage of 25% in the examination. Not devoting enough time to this section may cost you marks and may keep you from taking admission into your dream college.

How to prepare for NEET Chemistry This is a compilation of all expert tips and tricks, which I found useful, I am sharing it. Reading these tips for NEET Chemistry preparation will help you to prepare for the exam in an organized manner.

  1. The Key to Success is Practice: Nothing can be obtained when it is not in the routine, because when you look for something you have to pay for it daily. Be it equations, thermodynamics / solutions or numerical from organic practice; Practicing daily is the only key to being able to process all of this.
  2. The Concept Needs to be Clarified: The concept is never such a part that you can read it and get it. The concept is all that has to be understood and which clings to your brain forever. Chemistry is a matter of concepts; One who is good with the concept can know chemistry better. Once you clearly see each concept for what it is all about, you will be ready for the next step.
  3. Time Distribution: You have 180 minutes to answer 180 questions, but not necessarily 1 minute per question because each question carries a different difficulty level. Use Anjit Academy Practice Tests to be regular with your preparation and know what time you can balance per question.
  4. Study Inorganic Chemistry Throughout the Year: It is major Misconception that inorganic chemistry is all about mugging up and it must be done only at the last moment before the examination. Well, this is not applicable to many. You must try to learn them by heart, little at a time throughout the year. It will become instilled in you, thus making it difficult for you to forget the exam anxiety even. It will also help you focus on other things more evenly before exams.
  5. NCERT & Reference Book: NCERT book and syllabus, the core tool for NEET preparation, the whole questions are based on this specific book. The key role is to get familiar with every topic, shake palms with each jargons and terms of chemistry and make mind the store house of chemical reactions too. For being consistent with above mentioned factors, it’s important to practice chemistry on a daily routine.
  6. Don’t Try New things Just a few Day ago: If you are studying untouched chapters or unplanned syllabus in the last few days before the exam, then you need to know that these times are very important. Any new information you learn should be retrieved, reviewed and reinforced within 24 hours. If you fail to do so, you have lost 80 percent of the information learned. Science says so.
  7. Stop Getting Negative Thoughts: You may think that I can do this, or I cannot, many ideas are prevalent during the entire year of preparation. But you only need to do one important task, think less and start working more. You cannot ignore the hard days to come, but you can maintain your confidence and be determined to face it. When we are talking about competition, the first step is to end the “if or but” thinking, then just get ready and create your routine and let the wheels run smoothly over time.
  8. Last Week Revision: In fact, the topics are only going to happen to you after revising the chapters you have studied. Students usually skip the modification tasks, but this is not going to help. Revision is a single step that you need to take during preparation.
  9. Take Care of Your Health: Ultimately you need to physically fit and healthy to carry out any of the advice said before. So try to eat as much healthy and non-spicy food from a week before exams. Drink a lot of water and Keep calm and give this blog a few minutes, it can help you relax and will make your brain function fully. Sleeping for proper time is essential for good health and mind. You need to take a good nap for 7-8 hours daily to stay healthy, and that will help you to concentrate for the whole day.

Cheer up students, Anjit Academy is standing behind to help you whenever you feel low during your preparation time.

!!! Best Wishes, do well !!!

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